Hosted by BAU.DE - eLAWo'13 - eLearning Africa Workshop 2013: eLearning Africa Workshop, Webinar and Conference

eLAWo'13 - eLearning Africa Workshop 2013 in Namibia
eLearning Africa Workshop, Webinar and eLearning Africa Conference

eLearning Africa Workshop 25. - 28.05.2013 + 29. - 31.05.2013 eLearning Africa Conference +

eLearning Africa WorkshopeLearning Africa Conference

General Information for the eLearning Africa Workshop

The eLearning Africa Workshop takes place from 25th - 28.05.2013 in Windhoek / Namibia as a pre-event for the eLearning Africa Conference. 25 alumni from Africa are invited by the DAAD to participate in both events (workshop and conference). The DAAD pays the travel expenses, accommodation, meals and conference fees. The organisation of the seminar and the support during the conference is provided by German and Namibian universities and companies - for more information, have a look at the Workshop-Team.

Safari Conference Centre: The eLearning Africa Workshop and eLearning Africa Conference are both held at the Safari Conference Centre.

Safari Conference Centre Safari Conference Centre
Safari Conference Centre, Windhoek / Namibia

Attractive social programme: The eLearning Africa Workshop and the eLearning Africa Conference are accompanied by an attractive social programme.

Dunes Students with and without laptops Namibias fauna
Attractive social programme - you will be surprised!

Objectives and Content of the eLearning Africa Workshop

General: The eLearning Africa Conference is Africa's largest gathering of eLearning and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) supported education and training professionals in Africa, enabling participants to develop multinational and cross-industry contacts and partnerships, as well as to enhance their knowledge, expertise and abilities. Delegates are high-level policy and decision makers and practitioners from education, business and government.

Call for workshop papers off the following topics: To achieve an optimal success by joining the eLearning Africa Workshop and the eLearning Africa Conference, the topics of the Workshops are closely connected to the topics of the conference. For full details, have a look at eLearning Africa Conference Programme.
Important Note: On the website of the eLearning Africa Conference Programme you must click on the letters A B C to see the full descriptions of the topics - unfortunately, they are not visible without clicking on the letters!

  • A The Present: Innovation and Learning under the African Sky
    • Change Management
    • "Game-Changing" Learning Technologies in Africa
    • How is the Learning Game Changing in Africa?
    • How are Learning Systems Managing Change and Disruption?
    • Growing the African Imagination
    • ...other subjects are welcome
  • B The Past: Africa's Rich Learning Traditions and Legacies
    • Pedagogic Theories of Traditional and Formal Education
    • How can new forms of learning and teaching coexist with traditional frameworks?
    • Are new technologies and associated behaviours fundamentally disruptive to tradition or do they open up space for the digitisation of tradition?
    • What are the core values of the individuals, communities and societies in Africa that guide our changing learning practice in the 21st century?
    • ...other subjects are welcome
  • C The Future: The Future of Learning in Africa
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • How will networks evolve?
    • Next generation services
    • Mobile Teaching, Learning and Working
    • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs, The Year of the MOOC)
    • ...other subjects are welcome

Organisation and Schedule of the eLearning Africa Workshop

The alumni who like to join the eLearning Africa Workshop, Webinar and eLearning Africa Conference for free must submit a scientific paper.

These papers will be presented at the eLearning Africa Workshop in lectures. The workshop also provides the ability to demonstrate e-learning tools and prototype developments in the form of a demo session. To enhance the sustainability, all during the workshop and the conference from the alumni collected information and tools will be made available for the public on the eLearning Africa Workshop platform.

Before the workshop starts, the alumni must set up a personal profile on the e-learning platform During the workshop, this platform will be used for interactive and collaborative work by using discussion boards, wikis, Google Apps, etc.

eLearning Africa Webinar: If you are interested in the eLearning Africa Workshop but not able to join the workshop in Windhoek / Namibia, we at least would like to offer you the ability to join parts of the workshop from all over the world via a webinar (web-based seminar). You would only need a web browser or the free Adobe Connect app for your smartphone or tablet PC. With this technique, we will also integrate universities from Namibia and Germany as well as e-learning experts from all over the world into the eLearning Africa Workshop.

Application Requirements for free Workshop and Conference Participation

Alumni from Namibia and the region (according to DAC-list ) with a detectable, at least three-month research or study in Germany can apply for free participation in the eLearning Africa Workshop, Webinar and eLearning Africa Conference. Applications will be reviewed by the programme committee and the DAAD. The aim is to achieve a balance between men and women as well as between people in business and academic staff.

Submission of application by 08.04.2013 with the following contents:

The application must be delivered as an MS Word, OpenOffice or PDF file by 08.04.2013 via e-mail with the following materials:

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form with a photograph of the candidate and evidence of at least 3 months research or study stay in Germany.
  • Budget estimation of return travel cost to Windhoek / Namibia. At the time of refund only 10 % deviation is permitted.
  • A position paper of one or more pages that spells out the participant's experiences, current challenges as well as anticipated opportunities of eLearning within their own context. The participants must position themselves in relation to the workshop topics: The past, the present and the future of eLearning in Africa.

More information:

Enjoy Namibia - we are looking forward to meeting you